Passive Infrastructure – At a glance

Box Type Camouflage 4 mtr …

Slum - Vinyl Board Type Camouflage …

Camouflage New design

Delta Covered Camouflage

Artificial Trees- GSM Antennas

4G Small Cell Flexi Light…..

4G Small Cell Square Camouflage

4G Small Cell AC Camouflage

Electrical Works …

Fabrication work …

SKYWALK sites installation with Antitheft clamps

Flyover sites installation with Antitheft clamps

Anti-Theft Clamps For Ericssion Outdoor Equipments

Anti-Theft Clamps For NSN(4G)Outdoor Equipments

Active (GSM and MW installation) – At a glance

Factory – iNhousE product dEvElopMENt

In house Maclifton Vehicle (Hydraulic) for Flyover / Bridge and Skywalk sites for night activity (Deployment / Maintenance).