O&M Services

We help ensure optimum performance at existing facilities and provide consultation services for activities in the planning stages. We understand how critical your infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business and we make it our job to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Leveraging our experience, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver services more efficiently than any organization managing their operations themselves.

Services include

  • Network Operations & Maintenance (Passive)
  • Operation & maintenance of Network as per the SLA (Active)
  • Performance Analysis (KPI analysis)
  • Network Operation Center Services
  • In-Building Solutions (survey, design & implementation)
  • Operations and Maintenance of Passive Network Infrastructure
  • Operations and Maintenance of Radio Network
  • Operations and Maintenance of NSS & OMC (FCAPS)
  • Operations and Maintenance of Active Network Infrastructure
  • Operation and Maintenance of Wiredline Networks